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Our Story

Hi my name is Jose “Manolo” Martinez and I’m the founder of Jack Turner Watches. I started this company for two reasons. The first was to honor two of the most influential people that I have known in my life; Jack Patrukio and Winston B. Turner. The second reason is because I have been in love with wrist watches ever since I was 10 years old. As a youngster growing up in NYC, I recall my father having a few different watches and me wearing them behind his back. One day he caught me wearing one of his pieces and instead of scolding me, he laughed and said to me, “son, one day all of these watches will be yours.” I’ll never forget that moment because it was one of the happiest days of my life. The thought of owning these watches is what reminds me today of what a real legacy means and the importance of adding the right pieces to a watch collection.

Today, I head up our design studio based in Hackensack, NJ, where our team of seasoned creatives conceive our new watch designs and I get to be a part of the overall creative process. To deliver on our promise of offering attainable watchmaking excellence, our production team is in the process of finding a satellite location based out of the homeland where watchmaking was created; Geneva, Switzerland. 

From our humble beginnings, few decades ago in Hackensack NJ, to becoming a global manufacturer of Swiss-Made micro brand watches, our mission has remained the same: To offer exclusive timepieces offering excellence in terms of design, craftsmanship and value.

The beating heart of every Jack Turner timepiece

What makes our watches tick is the Swiss movement underneath the dial. The moving parts that few will ever see, but nonetheless marks the real distinction of a timepiece. We use Swiss automatic or high-precision Swiss quartz movements for all our watches, so you can mark every second of your life with ultimate precision.


Superior materials for superior performance

Jack Turner watches are designed to mark your legacy. We used highly durable materials, like 316L stainless steel cases, scratch resistant sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating, and full grain leather straps, to craft watches that will endure over the time it is made to count.So whether you’re marking a personal Milestone or starting a family tradition of watch collecting, a Jack Turner timepiece will remain a cornerstone in your collection.


Every moment is unique…

And so is every Jack Turner watch! We craft our timepieces in very limited amounts, making every watch as unique as the wearer. This approach allows us to keep a strict quality control of every single watch, and make sure every watch delivers the Jack Turner quality and performance.

Jack and Winston may no longer be with us today but we will ensure that  their legacy continues to live through every piece that we design. Remember,"Life is limited and your time is precious" so we hope you start your legacy today and join us on the quest for greatness.


The Jack Turner Team


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