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July 12, 2021 5 min read

Owning a gold watch might almost sound something like an unattainable fantasy for the common man, and even if he does, the time that will be consumed in the process to curate the amount to finally purchase it can appear unending; but here we are to break the ice for you and tell you that the real picture is quite different from what you think. In this section below, we have described three types of gold watches with their worth and attributes that will make the process of selection easier for you considering your needs and budget.

  • Gold plated watches

As the denomination of the watch signifies, Gold Plated watches are the ones that have a thin layer of gold electro-chemically attached through its outer surface and the metal used can be of unalike quality depending upon the budget that the customer is willing to devote. Furthermore, the gold plated watches have very intricate case designs and some gold is laid in the available spaces between the contours of the delineation to grant it a more natural look. The average thickness of the gold used falls under 7-10 microns.

Longevity: Because gold plating watches is a common method of repairing the body of an old watch and endowing it with a classic shine and texture, the standard plating will last up to 5 years or slightly more than that. In the case of the superior quality plating, the ones which are directly purchased from the market, the look can survive for over 20 years even if worn daily and is kept away from serious brushing and bruising against hard or sharp objects. Another constituent that one should keep in mind is that the plating is not fully water-resistant and will show signs of crumbling if the quality is not up to the mark and yet is being introduced to extensive use.

Price range: The price of the gold watches depend on the thickness of the gold layer and the authenticity of the metal used in the watches; therefore, the watches are retailed at a value lesser than gold wrapped and solid gold watches. Additionally, the price of these watches can vary from $150 to $500 or even more owing to the company manufacturing it and the thickness of the gold employed in its making. 

Style and Brands: Gold plated watches are ideal when they are being used as a dress watch; for both men and women, the dials of the watches are usually big yet proportionate with the size of the wrist and have simple Roman or sometimes even Arabic digits on them. The bands accompanying it are neither too thick nor thin thus allowing equal exposure to all the parts of the timepiece. Furthermore, because gold plated watches can be bought market-fresh or be a transformed old watch, the style can vary. Some of the most quotidian names in this variety are Tag Heuer Aquaracracer Gold Watch, Longines La Grande Classic Gold Watch, Victorinox Maverick Gold Watch and Armani Exchange AX2099.

  • Gold wrapped watches

If you are looking for something that has a hint of gold present in yet and thereby doesn’t have an unattainable price tag attached to it, then Gold Wrapped watches should be the impeccable choice. The gold-wrapped watches have a value that is lower than the gold plated ones because they essentially undergo thick gold leaf treatment and the amount of gold that is eventually deposited on it is quite less. Gold-filled watches can be considered as the immediate replica of the gold wrapping and are manufactured in similar ways. These include combining a thin layer of 10k gold with the base metal under an escalated temperature and are known to be more valuable than gold plated watches.

Longevity: The gold-wrapped watches tend to have a life that is 10-15 years longer than the normal gold plating because apart from tarnishing over time, they hardly will show any signs of crumbling and peeling after long use.

Price range: The amount quoted for the gold wrapped watches are slightly higher primarily due to two reasons, (i) they have more gold than the former kind, and (ii) they are long-lasting thus providing justified value for money.

Style and Brands: As mentioned earlier, the designs of these gold watches are stereotypical and have been maintained that way to preserve its pure heritage and value amidst the latest competitors in the market. Because they are a little less pricey when compared to solid gold watches and more appealing when contrasted with gold plated timepieces, the gold wrapped watches will provide you with a wider scope of use. Companies like Hamilton, Rolex and Longines are known producers of mid-range gold-wrapped watches.  

  • Solid Gold watches

The solid gold watches are the kind whose cases are made entirely out of unadulterated gold. These watches are considered to be of the highest quality and the most valuable form of accessory that a man owns and this fact is further strengthened with the support of its mass. However, as we all know that gold is a very doughy and rare metal, it is usually mixed with a portion of some other alloy; but mostly the gold cases are constructed with 14 or 18 Karat of gold. The portion under the dial will have hallmarks to signify the amount of gold used and the percentage of amalgamation.

Longevity: Because the metal that is used for the construction of these watches are directly gold, they will last you for long, but some of it can wear off when it comes under constant touch with a wrist (note that the amount weathered is too less to be encountered by the naked eye). The metal that it has been intermixed with is capable of decreasing the Karat of gold and is responsible for creating shine and shine and is, therefore, a ruling factor behind the survival period of the watch; better the quality, the longer will be its lasting power.

Price range: Because these watches come with official hallmarks and are the most valuable form of gold that you can own in your watches, they are available at a price that is much higher than the gold-plated and gold-wrapped watches. Depending upon the quality of these, the solid gold watches can range from $400 to a whopping $7000-8000.

Style and Brands: A solid gold watch comes in an archetypal design that assists the dial of the watch to grab the limelight without being too loud. Pure gold watches are exemplary choices if you are looking to attend a grand formal or informal meeting, but other than that you might want to employ it in lesser uses considering its high value. Some of the known manufactures of solid gold watches are Gucci, Rado, Hublot, Omega and Longines La Grande.



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