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July 12, 2021 4 min read

If you ask a man, how many watches qualify for enough watches, the answer that you will mostly receive is, infinity because he can never get enough of his timepieces. Watches are not only a precise symbol claiming attention and sincerity for the wearer, but also individual statements that are alone capable of giving you an edge when dressing up. Men, especially, do not have a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to appendages and thereby must have a watch to complement their different roles and looks throughout the year. The added advantage of owning a high-quality debonair watch is that a single watch can be paired with assorted styles and garments. Even if you are new in this game and are looking forward to enriching the collection of watches, we will be providing you with a few guidelines that will assist you to gain acceleration and up your quotient.

A burning question that must be bothering you at this moment is how many watches and what types of watches should a man possess in his collection. Keeping aside the tons of designs and styles that are available today, we have narrowed it down to three kinds that according to use are must-haves and are the minimum. 

  • Dress watches

What stands out as the chic factor in the collection of men's watches is a dress watch. The primary function of the design is to set it apart from all the other contemporaries and qualify itself as the most complimenting accessory with men's formal wear. There are various traits of a dress watch that must be duly taken into consideration before plunging all your money in one. If you notice closely, you will find that not all dress watches come with the conventional hands indicating the hours and minutes in it, while some of them have the present date mentioned in it. On some level, you might agree with us, which given the features of a dress watch, it is everything a digital watch is not and vice versa. All the parts of a dress watch should echo sheer simplicity and class and therefore, all of them should be proportionate to one another and the hand that it is being worn on. The dial must neither be too big for or wrist, nor should the leather band be too wide as it will automatically draw all the eyes towards itself and this would be the last thing that you would expect in a formal meeting. The dress watch that you speak should be such that it allows itself free movement and can hide inside the sleeves of your shirt or pop out of it when required. Even if you are going for a pattern on the dial, check that it isn’t too loud and has an appeal of its own. Some of the classic examples of dress watches are Jaeger LeCoutre, Hamilton, Frederique, Constant, etc.

  • Sports watches

When watch enthusiasts claim that a single watch is not suitable to suffice all your purposes, they are indeed right! Imagine wearing your dress watch to a game of polo or billiards or even running or swimming in that case; neither will it look impeccable, nor serve your purpose. Therefore, when you are into sports and regular practitioner, you must get your hands on a sports watch. A feature about the sports watch that you must be aware of is that they are designed differently to serve the distinct facets of sports; a watch that is suitable for tennis will not be the ideal choice when diving underwater; however, there are a few common areas that all sports watch share. If you are planning to own only one watch for all your sports needs, then you would might as well one to invest a few more bucks and purchase the one that has multiple functions. Coming to its other characteristics, a sports watch must be primarily water-resistant mainly because of two reasons, (i) it shouldn't be damaged by the incessant sweating of the skin underneath it (ii) should work even if dropped in a water body or while you have it on your hand when swimming. Furthermore, the watch should be extremely light-weight, have a strict shape and has to be comfortable. Companies are coming up with attributes that sanction the sports watches like Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Submariner and tag Heuer with a compass, a backlit dial, and timers to simplify the whole process of gazing at the watch when engaged in a game. Sports watches are not only appropriate to be worn during an activity, but can be donned easefully with casual attires.

  • Fitness watches

Yet another must-have in the men's wardrobe is a fitness watch that will help you to keep a track of the amount of time that you have dedicated in a day to your workout session and the number of calories burnt. These watches usually function with the help of an application that can be installed in your Android or ios device and will preserve your everyday records. Watches like iWatch, Fitbit, etc will also help you to set your goal before you get started with your fitness regime and at the end of it indicate the length of the path that you have successfully treaded. Two distinguishing features of the fitness watches are that they can be worn during any time of the day and under any condition as they are completely water-resistant and the band-width is almost equal to the diameter or breadth of the dial. Moreover, every information portrayed on the dial is digitally backed and can be turned on or off as per requirements. Lastly, some fitness watches keep a close look at the rate of your heartbeat and send an alert when it identifies that you are consuming an unhealthy diet that is leading to the absorption of calories and carbohydrates exceeding the target set in the application.

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